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Former good articleParkour was one of the Sports and recreation good articles, but it has been removed from the list. There are suggestions below for improving the article to meet the good article criteria. Once these issues have been addressed, the article can be renominated. Editors may also seek a reassessment of the decision if they believe there was a mistake.
Article milestones
February 26, 2007Peer reviewReviewed
August 29, 2007Good article nomineeListed
January 30, 2009Good article reassessmentDelisted
Current status: Delisted good article

Assistive equipment[edit]

Would Soap shoes, shoes which can grind on rails, ledges be considered assistive equipment. (talk) 10:30, 3 June 2018 (UTC)

The lack of equipment is part of the definition of parkour. Something like that is a better fit with skateboarding. ··gracefool 💬 00:08, 5 June 2018 (UTC)
That is "equipment" designed for parkour; grinding on feet is a parkour element. Sure, strictly speaking it's equipment but it's just minimal assistance, something like talcum powder. Sure, skateboarders can use them, but they do the grinding with skateboards; when they grind on feet they are not skateboarders at that moment / they do not skateboard. (talk) 18:23, 4 November 2018 (UTC)

Using soap shoes would be extremely risky as it is greatly unpredictable. Also grinding and sliding on feet is a quite scarce move in parkour Adrian Jökull Bihr (talk) 19:40, 23 August 2019 (UTC)

Recognition as a sport in the UK[edit]

I would like to add that sport England formally recognised Parkour as a sport in 10 January 2017 Robert n pearson (talk) 19:59, 31 January 2019 (UTC)

Great - go for it! I'd suggest a sub-heading under History (after Yamakasi), something like "Official recognition as a sport" (and then you could create a lower sub-heading for "United Kingdom" if you like - or leave that out for now), until other countries follow. Are you familiar with the Wikipedia style guide (WP:MOS) and the need for WP:RS citations (WP:IC), etc.? There's no need to get too bogged down in all of that, because it can be daunting, but a sentence or two with citations such as the BBC one and the Conversation will be fine. The citation templates (cite web, cite news, etc.) are a good and easy way to cite your references - this Help:Cheatsheet will guide you to some of them. Good luck! (I will copy the welcome block someone gave me when I joined, onto your talk page for further guidance as you gain experience.) Laterthanyouthink (talk) 00:04, 1 February 2019 (UTC)

Movement section[edit]

Hi, I’d like to break out the movement section into separate pages with images of the various common movements. This may be tricky given the number of names used for moves. I’m thinking broad categories like climbing and jumping, vaults, jumps, rolling and flips, traversing, dropping. Rolls would be brief but vaults would contain quite a few techniques (thief, lasy, easy, speed, step, cat and all their synonyms) Robert n pearson (talk) 20:03, 31 January 2019 (UTC)

I don't know the answer to this - it may be regarded as too much detail, but I'll leave someone with more experience in editing and/or parkour to respond to this. (If you don't see an answer here within a week or so, try taking it to the Teahouse or Help desk (scroll down and create a new heading in the appropriate spot). Laterthanyouthink (talk) 00:19, 1 February 2019 (UTC)

Injuries and deaths[edit]

I am somewhat concerned that much of the subsection ==== Injuries and deaths ==== should be carefully recontextualized or trimmed, as major clinical claims are implicitly being made without any reliable medical sourcing. For example, "many parkour experts tend to view serious physical injury as a deviation from true parkour" may be understood by some as pristine theory trumping all. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to trace any obvious MEDRS. Which is regrettable. (talk) 09:26, 31 July 2019 (UTC)

As a frequent traceur i cam say that the phrase you specofocally referemced males simply no sense but the rest of the section seems accurate to me. Although at the end of the section it cites someone claiming that a lot of innuries arent reported but in my personal experience injuries in parkour are deemed just as serious as anywhere else and anything unreported is minimal Adrian Jökull Bihr (talk) 19:51, 23 August 2019 (UTC)