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My name is Matthew Hazell, I'm 21, and am in my final year studying for a BA(Hons) in Biblical and Applied Theology at Mattersey Hall Bible College, which is affiliated with the Assemblies of God UK.

Unsurprisingly, my main interest lies in biblical studies. However, I try wherever possible in my academic work to fuse my passion for the Bible with lots of other things - postmodern literary criticism, deconstruction, psychology, feminist and gender theory, poststructuralism, cultural studies, and more recently autobiographical criticism. Non-academic interests include video gaming, far-Eastern cinema, postmodern classical music, heavy metal (specifically death/grind), Russian history. I have played classical guitar for about 13 years, and would highly recommend that every teenager learns how to play a musical instrument. There's nothing like thrashing an electric guitar to within an inch of its life when life sucks!

I am a Christian, but although the college I attend is attached to Assemblies of God, I wouldn't class myself as a Pentecostal per se. I see myself more as a liberal charismatic Protestant.

When I'm not studying at Mattersey Hall, I have a part-time job at Burger King, flipping burgers and doing just about everything else except tills. This suits me fine - it drives me mad when people decide they no longer want ketchup on their Whopper and I've just stuck a load on, so I don't know how I'd cope if I were face to face with customers...!

(I'll try and make myself look more interesting when I have time!)