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Illinois Route 116 marker

Illinois Route 116
IL 116 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by IDOT
Length176.07 mi[2] (283.36 km)
Major junctions
West end US 34 / IL 94 in Gladstone
US 67 / IL 110 (CKC) in Roseville
US 24 / IL 29 in East Peoria
US 150 / IL 8 in East Peoria
I-74 in East Peoria
US 24 / US 150 in East Peoria
I-39 / US 51 in Benson
I-55 in Pontiac
I-57 in Ashkum
East end US 45 in Ashkum
CountiesHenderson, Warren, Knox, Fulton, Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, Livingston, Ford, Iroquois
Highway system
IL 115IL 117
IL 123US 124 (1926).svgIL 124

Illinois Route 116 (IL 116) is a 176.07-mile-long (283.36 km) cross-state rural state highway that runs from U.S. Route 34 (US 34) by Gladstone east to the intersection of US 45 (North Front Street) and Old US 45, on the north side of Ashkum.[2]

Route description[edit]

The western terminus of Illinois 116 is approximately 10 miles (16 km) from the Iowa state line, east of Burlington, Iowa. It crosses the Illinois River from Peoria to East Peoria with Illinois Route 8 on the Cedar Street Bridge.

On the southeast side of the Illinois River, Route 116, U.S. Route 24 and U.S. Route 150 form a wrong-way concurrency. Travelling northeast along the river, U.S. 150 is marked west before crossing the river to enter Peoria, Illinois 116 is marked east, and U.S. 24 is also marked east before branching to north of Washington. Travelling southwest, U.S. 150 is marked east before branching to Morton, Illinois 116 is marked west before crossing the river to enter Peoria on its southern side, and U.S. 24 is also marked west before continuing south with Illinois Route 29.

IL 116 at the intersection with IL 115


U.S. Route 124
LocationPeoriaBiggsville, Illinois
Length80 mi[citation needed] (130 km)
Existed1926[citation needed]–1938[citation needed]

U.S. Route 124 (US 124) was a U.S. Highway that was commissioned from 1926[citation needed] to 1938,[citation needed] and was located in Illinois, traveling from Peoria through Biggsville. It was approximately 80 miles (130 km) in length,[citation needed] and followed much of the route of IL 116, prior to its decommissioning.[citation needed] SBI Route 116 originally traveled separately from east of Ashkum to East Peoria.

US 124 was one of the original 1928 US routes in Illinois, since US routes didn't appear on Illinois maps until then. It originally went from Peoria to Galesburg, along with the then IL 8, via Farmington and Maquon on the route of the current IL 116, west from Peoria to IL 97, north to IL 8, west to IL 97, then northwest on IL 97 to Galesburg, with the last few miles on the current US 150.[3]

In 1934, US 124 was rerouted west on the current IL 116 to near Biggsville, where it connected to US 34, for access to the Mississippi River crossing into Iowa. Westbound traffic from Peoria had a choice. Proceed along US 24 to cross the Mississippi River at Quincy (south-west route) – the old Peoria to Quincy stage coach route, or take US 124 to cross the Mississippi River (US 34) at Burlington, Iowa (north-west route).

With the completion of Interstate 474 as a western bypass of Peoria in 1978, an Interstate connector (exit 3 on Interstate 474) was constructed as the eastern terminus for the proposed western Illinois expressway (Peoria to Kansas City via Macomb and Quincy). The connector provides access to IL 116.

Related routes[edit]

Illinois Route 97A
LocationHenderson County

Illinois Route 97A was a short rural spur (state maintained) that ran from IL 97 (later U.S. Route 124; now IL 116) south of Media, south to the community of Raritan.

  • 1937 IL-97A was a spur off the current IL-116, Media to Raritan. This 1924 route designation was dropped.
  • 1938 - US Route 124 was decommissioned and changed to Illinois 116 as an extension of that route in east central Illinois. Illinois 116 was a popular agricultural and commercial truck route from Burlington, Iowa (on the Mississippi River) to Peoria, Illinois (on the Illinois River) during World War II and through the late 1960s. This was due to the: Iowa Army Ammunition Plant near Burlington; active strip mining of coal in Fulton County (largely south of the route); farm livestock traffic to the Peoria stockyards; and grain transport (corn and soybeans) to the Illinois and Mississippi barge terminals.

Major intersections[edit]

Henderson0.00.0 US 34 / IL 94 northInterchange under construction as part of the Biggsville bypass; west end of IL 94 overlap
5.18.2 IL 94 southEast end of IL 94 overlap
US 67 / IL 110 (CKC)
US 67 Bus. (Main Street)
KnoxSt. Augustine34.054.7 IL 41
Fulton47.576.4 IL 97
Farmington56.090.1 IL 78 south (South Main Street)West end of IL 78 overlap
county line
57.091.7 IL 78 northEast end of IL 78 overlap
PeoriaBellevue72.5116.7 Maxwell Road to I-474
Peoria76.4123.0 IL 8 west (Western Avenue)West end of IL 8 overlap
Illinois River77.7125.0Cedar Street Bridge
TazewellEast Peoria78.5126.3Edmund StreetInterchange
79.0127.1 US 24 west / IL 29 southInterchange; west end of US 24 / IL 29 overlap
79.7128.3 US 150 east / IL 8 east (Camp Street)West end of US 150 overlap; east end of IL 8 overlap
79.9128.6 I-74 / IL 29 north – Bloomington, PeoriaInterchange; east end of IL 29 overlap
83.9135.0 US 150 west (McClugage Bridge) / US 24 east – Peoria, WashingtonInterchange; east end of US 24 / US 150 overlap
85.0136.8 IL 26 north
WoodfordMetamora94.8152.6 IL 89 north (North Niles Street)
99.4160.0 IL 117 southWest end of IL 117 overlap
Benson108.7174.9 IL 117 northEast end of IL 117 overlap
114.2183.8 I-39 / US 51 – Bloomington–Normal, Rockford
114.6184.4 IL 251 southWest end of IL 251 overlap
115.6186.0 IL 251 northEast end of IL 251 overlap
LivingstonPontiac134.3216.1 I-55 – Bloomington, Joliet
135.7218.4 Historic US 66 westWest end of Historic US 66 overlap
136.3219.4 IL 23 north / Historic US 66 eastEast end of Historic US 66 overlap
Saunemin148.7239.3 IL 47
Ford160.5258.3 IL 115
IroquoisAshkum175.3282.1 I-57 – Champaign, Kankakee
176.07283.36 US 45 (North Front Street)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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