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Asia Times
Traditional Chinese亞洲時報
Simplified Chinese亚洲时报

Asia Times (Chinese: 亞洲時報) is a Hong Kong-based English language news media publishing group, covering politics, economics, business and culture from an Asian perspective.[1] The website is a direct descendant of the Bangkok-based print newspaper that was launched in 1995 and closed in mid-1997.[2]

Asia Times Online was created early in 1999 as a successor in "publication policy and editorial outlook" to the print newspaper Asia Times, owned by Sondhi Limthongkul, a Thai media mogul and leader of the People's Alliance for Democracy, who later sold his business.

The site was relaunched with a new logo and design in October 2016 with Uwe Parpart as editor. Other executives include Cecil Ho, former Chief Financial Officer of ReOrient Group Limited.

The site was relaunched in February 2019 with a refreshed web design, multiple languages and a domain name change to

The new publishing company is Asia Times Holdings Limited,[3] incorporated and duly registered in Hong Kong. Many reporters from the Asia Times print edition continued their careers as journalists, and a group of those contributors created Asia Times Online as a successor to Asia Times.[4] The word "Online" is no longer part of the website news portal. Asia Times publishes in English and simplified Chinese.


Asia Times ( averages 100,000 readers every day.[citation needed] In 2006, The New York Times described Asia Times Online as "one of the most prominent of the [English-language] regional publications" covering Asia. [5]

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