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Riser may refer to:

Business and startup[edit]


  • Stair riser, the vertical elements in a set of stairs
  • Riser, another name for a theatre platform
  • Riser, a length of vertically oriented piping used to deliver fluid, gas, or electrical signals or power upward
    • Drilling riser, a device used on a ship or offshore drilling rig
    • Dry riser, a pipe used to deliver water to firefighting systems that is normally kept empty (dry)
    • Riser cable, a type of communications cable used to connect multiple floors in a building
  • Riser card, a printed circuit board which extends connectors away from another board
  • Riser, a skateboard component which increases the space between the wheels and the deck
  • Riser, the center section of a recurve bow
  • Parachute riser, strip of webbing joining the harness to the rigging lines
  • Riser (casting), a reservoir in a manufacturing mold


  • Larkin T. Riser (born 1949), Louisiana sheriff
  • Matt Riser (born 1984), American college baseball coach
  • Neil Riser (born 1962), a member of the Louisiana State Senate (United States)

Other uses[edit]