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Hi. I'm a video game programmer in the business since 1992. I'm also a part time musician and open-mic host. I live in Baltimore, Maryland USA with my wife and our dog. Before moving to Baltimore in 2002 I lived in San Francisco, California USA.

I'm quite new to the whole Wikipedia expirience but I think it's great on many levels. As for contributions, I created the Predicate transformer semantics article, and would really appreciate corrections/additions. There's quite a bit I left out because I was afraid it was going to start reflecting my POV on the subject - Dijkstra is a personal hero of mine and I think the "Dijkstra School" is in many ways under-appreciated.

When not working or playing music I enjoy watching episodes of "Homicide" and "The Wire" on DVD and reading books on "pure mathematics" and theoretical computer science. I also used to be some sort of film buff, there's just too much of it these days. I have also spent the last 10 years developing a really goofy computer music application.