G Senjō Heaven's Door

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G Senjou Heaven's Door
(Jī Senjō Hevunzu Doa)
Written byYoko Nihonbashi
Published byShogakukan
MagazineMonthly Ikki
Original run20002003
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G Senjou Heaven's Door (G戦場ヘヴンズドア, Jī Senjō Hevunzu Doa, "G-battlefield Heaven's Door") is a Japanese seinen manga in three volumes by Yoko Nihonbashi, published by Shogakukan. It is a bildungsroman about two boys, Machizo and Tetsuo, who work together to create manga. It was a jury-recommended work in the 2003 Japan Media Arts Festival.[1]


Machizo Sakaida's father is a successful manga artist. Machizo feels he's living under his father's shadow, and resents his father's success. At the beginning of the story, Machizo recently transferred to Tetsuo's school. Tetsuo's friends start Tetsuo on reading Oretachi no Banka, a manga by Machizo's father, Daizou Sakai. A manga competition advertised in the magazine sets Tetsuo on redrawing manga, hoping to win some money to help pay his mother's hospitalisation fees. Tetsuo's initial efforts are ruined by Machizo. Kumiko, a ruthless girl who adored Tetsuo, threatened Machizo to repay Tetsuo. Machizo's novel writing efforts were recognized by Tetsuo, and they end up working together to create a manga. In the meantime, it is revealed that Tetsuo's father had returned and was trying to end the publication of Oretachi no Banka. It is also revealed that a manga written by Tetsuo had caused his mother to fall ill, and that Daizou took possession of the aforementioned manga. Daizou describes his motivation as trying his best so that one day Tetsuo would return to creating manga.

Machizo and Tetsuo's manga is completed in the nick of time, with Machizo writing the story and Tetsuo drawing the graphics. Kumiko also advises Machizo on the plot details. They manage to receive the Special Merit Award. Daizou, as a judge of the competition, went up to present the prize to Tetsuo and Machizo - and remembering Tetsuo as his inspiration, hugged him before even realising that Machizo was on stage as well. Tetsuo's father puts another handicap on both of them: they could not enter any collaborative works for the next competition, but had to create their own work. The death of Tetsuo's mother allows him freedom to create manga, and he begins to work on manga obsessively. Machizo, on the other hand, apprentices himself to another manga artist in order to learn the basics of making manga.


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