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Gay Icon Project[edit]

In my effort to merge the now-deleted list from the article Gay icon to the Gay icons category, I have added this page to the category. I engaged in this effort as a "human script", adding everyone from the list to the category, bypassing the fact-checking stage. That is what I am relying on you to do. Please check the article Gay icon and make a judgment as to whether this person or group fits the category. By distributing this task from the regular editors of one article to the regular editors of several articles, I believe that the task of fact-checking this information can be expedited. Thank you very much. Philwelch 22:20, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Lesser known song: Mama's Pearls[edit]

This one was not a big success at all in the English-speaking countries, but in Finland! Singer Brita Koivunen recorded Suklaasydän in 1956, and got quite a good success with that! Just thought I mention it, but maybe not absolutely necessary to have IN the article. -andy (talk) 00:58, 15 May 2008 (UTC)

There are TWO Margaret Whitings[edit]

In addition to Margaret Whiting, the American singer; there is also Margaret Whiting, the British actress and widow of actor Colin Blakely.

So, there should be two articles - Margaret Whiting (Singer) and Margaret Whiting (Actress) - and a disambiguation page.

See for details.

2601:645:C300:16DD:65BD:E0:1D98:9F4B (talk) 20:29, 5 November 2015 (UTC)

That's actually not the way it's done here when one of the people is overwhelmingly the first thought when you use the name, and the other is a footnote in history (that is, when one of the subjects is both primary for the term with respect to usage and to long-term significance). See Wikipedia:Disambiguation. If the actress gets her own article here, it would reside at Margaret Whiting (actress); the singer would remain at Margaret Whiting, and a disambiguation page would be set up at Margaret Whiting (disambiguation) (or a hatnote put on this article if there's only the one other article). But until the article on the actress gets written, this is a hypothetical problem. - Nunh-huh 21:04, 5 November 2015 (UTC)

Dubbing for Valley of the Dolls (1967) Film[edit]

Margaret Whiting is listed on the Valley of the Dolls (Film) page as having dubbed "I'll Plant My Own Tree" for actress Susan Hayward. Does that deserve a mention in the Whiting article? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Mdarrenbailey (talkcontribs) 13:38, 27 December 2018 (UTC)