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Welcome to the Cricket WikiProject! We are a group of Wikipedia editors that have been working on topics related to the sport of cricket since December 2004.

Please join us and contribute to the project's development. If you are interested, please add your name to the list of project members. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them on our discussion page. Please browse this page to make yourself familiar with the project.

What do we do?

This WikiProject is about the sport of cricket and it aims to:

  • Create and maintain articles about all people and subjects that are notable in cricketing terms
  • Maintain an efficient and navigable category system to ensure that all cricket-related articles can easily be found by interested readers
  • Create and maintain templates useful for editing and standardising cricket-related articles
  • Update and maintain Category:Cricket templates as the root of a comprehensive, well-structured and navigable category system for all cricket-related templates
  • Accurately classify the status and importance of all cricket-related articles
  • Co-ordinate team efforts and peer review cricket-related articles
  • Keep Current sports events up-to-date, particularly when international matches take place and the senior domestic titles are decided
  • Keep Recent deaths up to date when a notable cricketer dies (in addition, sad though it is, a newspaper obituary presents an opportunity to improve the cricketer's biography)
  • Expand the biographies of everyone who has played senior cricket with distinction; this includes all cricketers who were famous before Test cricket began and all cricketers who have played in at least one Test, at least one ODI or at least one T20I.

What are we working towards?

As of 12 June 2021, there are 47,300 articles within the scope of WikiProject Cricket, of which 328 are featured and 155 are good articles. These articles have the {{WikiProject Cricket}} template on their talk page. We are currently working towards three major milestones:

  • 70.2% Stub-Class
  • 27.5% Start-Class
  • 0.9% C-Class
  • 0.2% B-Class
  • 0.3% GA-Class
  • 0.7% FA-Class
  • 0.2% remaining

How can you help?

You don't have to join our project to work on cricket articles. We welcome everyone who wants to help improve cricket articles, and encourage you—project member or not—to participate in all of our activities and take complete advantage of the support we as a project can offer, from advice about editing, helping you find sources, or taking part in contests.

Our list of open tasks contains thousands of articles that need different types of improvement. Article reviews and other discussions can be found on our list of article alerts (watch). Please feel free to select something that interests you and start editing! Every edit helps us toward out goal of becoming the foremost free-content encyclopedia of cricket in the English language.

If you would like to advertise your participation, you can formally join the project by adding your name to the list of members, and by adding one of our userboxes to your user page. Whether or not you join the project, you can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, The Leg Stump, by adding your user name to this list.

What topics do we cover?

We generally consider any article related to historical or modern-day cricket affairs to be within our scope.

Most of our work focuses on ten broad areas:

  1. International cricket, including Test, One Day International (ODI), and Twenty20 International (T20I) cricket, in addition to matches played in the ICC Trophy/ICC World Cricket League.
  2. Comprehensive coverage of all major international cricket tournaments or series since 1877.
  3. Domestic cricket predominantly focused on the 12 Full Members of the International Cricket Council and their domestic teams and competitions.
  4. Coverage of cricketers to have played at Test, ODI, T20I, first-class, List A, or Twenty20 level.
  5. Coverage of umpires who have officiated in major international or domestic matches.
  6. Coverage of all cricket grounds to have held matches in Test, ODI, T20I, first-class, List A, or Twenty20 formats, or otherwise historically notable.
  7. The Laws of Cricket.
  8. Depictions of cricket in all media, such as art, books and other prose, film, music, poetry, sculpture, television, and video games.
  9. Creating and maintaining an efficient and navigable category system to ensure that all cricket-related articles can easily be found by interested readers.
  10. Increasing the number of well-written cricket-related articles by expanding all stubs to start-class and improving all start-class articles to B-class at least.

What advice can we offer?

We maintain advice pages on content and notability related to cricket articles, and there is a formal style guideline as well:

In addition, our Nets offer training and instruction on a wide range of subjects related to cricket and Wikipedia.

How is our project organized?

We have organized activities within the project under three main departments:

We also maintain task forces to organize collaboration on particular cricket topics:

General topics
Cricket grounds · Cricket history · Equipment · Laws of Cricket · International cricket · Women's cricket · Records and statistics · Umpiring
Nations and regions
Full members: Afghanistan · Australia · Bangladesh · England · India · Ireland · New Zealand · Pakistan · South Africa · Sri Lanka · West Indies · Zimbabwe
Associate members: Associate cricket
18th century · 19th century · 20th century · 21st century

The redlinks above are taskforce ideas. If you would like to start a taskforce, please use the incubator tool at the incubator department to see whether there is enough wider community interest in that particular topic. If there is, your taskforce idea can become a part of the wider project structure.


Why not take part in our contests? The project has four contests, designed to motivate users to expand our coverage in a fun constructive way. The contests are:

  • The General Article Expansion Contest
  • The New Article Creation Contest
  • The Photo Contest
  • The Cricket Quiz

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