Johann Georg Veit Engelhardt

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Johann Georg Veit Engelhardt (November 12, 1791 – September 13, 1855), a German Protestant theologian.


He was born at Neustadt-on-the-Aisch. He and was educated at Erlangen, where he afterwards taught in the gymnasium (1817), and became professor of theology in the university (1821).[1] During the years 1845, 1847 and 1848 was the representative of his university in the diet at Munich.[2]

Gravesite of Engelhardt at the Neustädter Friedhof in Erlangen


His two great works were a Handbuch der Kirchengeschichte in 4 volumes (1833-1834), and a Dogmengeschichte in 2 volumes, (1839).[1] Other works included a translation of the writings ascribed to Dionysius the Areopagite and Richard von St. Victor und Johannes Ruysbroek (referring to Richard of Saint Victor and John of Ruusbroec; 1838).[2] He died at Erlangen on September 13, 1855.[1]


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