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About JShimek[edit]

I, JShimek, am a High School student who attends the new technological high school, called Da Vinci High School. The Da Vinci High school is a new school that utilizes many computers; in fact all students of the Da Vinci High School are issued Dell laptops. The students use these laptops for almost all of there school work. I enjoy using computers for a wide variety of things. One of my main interests are graphic art design with Adobe Photoshop CS. I believe I am very good with this program. Like many students I also enjoy playing computer games, but unlike many kids, I use game and world editors to create maps and add-ons to games. I am currently using the Half Life 2, Hammer World Editor to create my own multi player level, which will be released online in some time. My educational interests include chemistry, psychology, and math. I hope to go to University of California Davis (UCD), when I graduate from high school.