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Hi DJ Clayworth, Please accept my apologies once again.

Here you can find a rewritten version of my earlier attempt. I hope you can accept the new version and disregard the old one. Fend Flitzer

In 1948, in Roseheim, Germany 1948, a former aircraft designer, Fritz Fend (lived 1920 -2000) introduced a small single-seater 3-wheeler named the Fend Flitzer. Initially it was intended to be an invalid car for those disabled as a result of World War II. Small motorcycle engines were used (38cc or 98cc).Small bicycle wheels were later replaced by scooter wheels. The project was taken over by Willi Messerschmitt so the Fend Kabinenroller FK175 model became the Messerschmitt 175.

In 2000, Fritz Fend created a new 4-wheeler prototype vehicle but his sudden death caused the end of his project.

P.S. I hope the above version will do.

--Millisits 17:41, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)

I have expanded slightly the middle paragraph of the article and corrected the impression that it was a "Messerschmitt project". The page deserves expansion but not at the expense of the page on Fritz Fend himself. I will willingly undertake this unless others wish to do so. Cabinscooter 08:42, 9 September 2007 (UTC)